BLUE Freedom®

All Natural Grain-Free Cat Food

Some cats just don’t do well with grain-based foods. That’s why we created BLUE Freedom natural dry food for adult cats. BLUE Freedom contains no grains, so it has none of the glutens that can trigger allergic reactions in some cats.

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Kitten Food

Formulated for a kitten’s needs without the grains that contain gluten

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Adult Cat Food

A 100% grain-free formula with the nutrition to support a healthy adult lifestyle

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Senior Cat Food

Formulated to meet a senior cat’s needs without the grains and glutens

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BLUE Freedom®
Weight Control Recipe

A natural, grain-free food formulated
to support the needs of indoor cats

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Dry Cat Food

Grain-free cat foods made with the finest natural ingredients and our exclusive antioxidant-rich LifeSource® Bits

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Wet Cat Food

Delicious canned cat foods in a 100% grain-free formula

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